about me

I'm a web developer based in Hungary. I've been programming and creating websites on and off since I was 12 years old.

I've been fond of computers ever since my childhood. I got interested in programming through the games I've played back then, like MTA:SA and Minecraft. These games helped me learn about configuring, scripting and hosting them.

I've quit high school in 2016, because I've found that it was inefficient at teaching me about topics that actually interest me. Since then, I've been seriously learning about programming and related fields.

In 2021, I've finally got a job at a company called WebOrigo. I've worked (and still do) on multiple projects there, most of the time solo, but I've acquired experience working with other people too.

My CV is available here: Hungarian version, English version

work experience

since 2021
Laravel/Vue fullstack developer


I consider myself to be full-stack, but I have a higher affinity towards frontend.

Confident with

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue, PHP, Laravel, Sass, git, Docker

Know my way around

NodeJS, MySQL, Linux, PWA, nginx, C#

Forgot most of

Scheme, Haskell, MongoDB, GraphQL

personal projects

Vue / Laravel

TFT Item Helper

Helps you choose between Teamfight Tactics builds based on your selected items.

Vue / Laravel

Movie List

Track and rate the movies you've watched. Made in collaboration with hkovesdi. This project remains unfinished.